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Industry Insights

3 reasons to move from a permanent employee to a contractor

Contractors are in high demand right now. There are many reasons why people choose to be a contractor. This article will explore some of the main reasons why people choose to work as a contractor.



1. Flexibility

The first reason is that some contractors like the independence and flexibility of being a contractor. This can also suit employees that want to take some time out between their contracts. Some for travelling or those with families taking time off during summer months, making this a good option for full-time working parents.


2. Lucrative

With different types of contracts, contractors can decide whether to have their own company or to work under an umbrella company which gives them more control over their pay and benefits.

Using the Irish Euro tax calculator* will give you an approximation of your monthly take-home pay.

* The calculator forms information from a third party and should only be used as a guide. E-Frontiers are not responsible for the accuracy of the information within.


3. Exposure to a variety of industry sectors

Another reason why people choose to be contractors is that they get to work with different companies and industries instead of just one company or industry. Contractors get exposure to all kinds of industries which helps them build their skillset and provide more value for their clients in the long run.

E-Frontiers and Our Contractors

Along with the high demand for talented contractors of our clients in Ireland, the UK, and the US, we have an abundance of contract jobs that are often extended or we will help you find a new contract job quickly that matches your skills and expectation.

Our guide provides information on options available for working as a contractor, whether you prefer to work as your own limited company or under an umbrella company. Also included is information on our trusted financial partners who will guide you and take care of all your contracting needs.

If you want to learn more about contract opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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