Established in Dublin in 2006

Established in Dublin in 2006, E-Frontiers was founded by three individuals with a strong business background, deeply rooted in technology, people, and processes. Drawing upon this domain expertise, E-Frontiers delivers end-to-end specialist recruitment services to a range of companies spanning diverse industries. Initially focused on supplying permanent and contract/temporary technical resources, E-Frontiers has expanded its services to include non-technical resourcing. Since its inception, E-Frontiers has experienced significant growth, expanding geographically within Ireland and further afield with operations in London, Madrid, and New York.

With a dedicated management team and specialist recruiters in each area, we ensure a quality-driven approach, enhancing our ability to connect the right talent with the right opportunities. With a robust 18-year track record in delivering tailored recruitment solutions for permanent, contract, and, fixed-term roles, our commitment to transparency sets us apart.

E-Frontiers take a personalised approach, engaging with the candidate about their career trajectory, skills, and experiences. We provide insights into the current market landscape and explore potential career opportunities. Our goal is to establish a long-term, trust-based relationship with each candidate.

We maintain ongoing communication throughout the recruitment process, assist with interview preparation, offer prompt feedback, and play an active role during offer negotiations to ensure the best outcomes for our candidates. This comprehensive support ensures a smooth and supportive journey for each candidate. Our open-book approach fosters strong partnerships with clients and candidates alike, positioning E-Frontiers as an industry leader in professional recruitment.

The diverse client base includes industries such as Financial Services, FinTech, eCommerce, Product Companies, Consultancies, Agri, Telco, Manufacturing, and Professional Services. Beyond industry expertise, E-Frontiers has cultivated a robust network of candidates over its 18 years of recruitment experience, combining its business skills with a personal and caring approach. Our head office, situated in Dublin, serves as a hub for engaging with companies nationwide throughout Ireland and beyond to European and US markets.

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Empowering talent, fostering partnerships – guided by our 5 Core Values.

As we navigate the challenges and opportunities of our industry, our commitment to these values is what sets us apart and drives us to excel in all aspects of our business.

These values genuinely define who we are, inspire our team, and create lasting relationships with our clients, stakeholders, and community.

Showing Respect

Respect is the foundation of a healthy relationship. When engaging with clients in relation to their requirements or listening to our candidates’ wishes, the respect we show to both sides, valuing everyone’s opinions and needs is critical. We recognise and value the unique perspectives, experiences, and contributions of everyone involved. It enables us to give the right support to all sides throughout the recruitment process. It also creates a welcoming and inclusive environment within our workplace.

Winning Together

Our “winning together” value drives us to focus on the quality of our services to benefit all parties. Everyone is working towards a common goal, and success is achieved through shared effort and mutual support. It signifies our commitment to building strong partnerships with our clients. Our candidates are interviewed and selected by our recruitment experts to ensure that they are best suited to the requirements of employers. This helps in-house HR teams and hiring managers save time in searching and screening the right candidates. The team at E-Frontiers are not just “head-hunters”, we are a partner to both job-hunters and companies.


The resilience value helps us to constantly develop in the recruitment market. E-Frontiers are willing to change, adapt and build agile teams and processes. We understand that the recruitment industry can be dynamic and unpredictable, but we remain steadfast in our resolve to adapt, overcome obstacles, and deliver exceptional results. It allows us to respond quickly to challenging situations at any stage of the recruitment process and positions us as a reliable partner in the face of adversity.


Along with our practical knowledge in the technology and business fields, we understand that quality responsiveness is an integral part of the recruitment process. A quality and accurate response is as important as a speedy one. We understand the importance of timely and effective communication, and we strive to be accessible and attentive at every step of the recruitment process. With our up-to-date tools and our personal touch via our experienced recruiters, we are proactive and confident to offer positive and on-time responses to our clients and candidate requests.

Positive Energy

E-Frontiers was established and is operated by genuine and passionate people, with domain expertise in all resource requirements we are working on. We have built up a team of employees with a “can-do” attitude. It is at the core of our approach to problem-solving and delivering exceptional service. This value radiates energy to everyone in the recruitment process. We approach challenges and opportunities with enthusiasm, seeking innovative ways to meets our clients’ needs. This honest, positive energy spreads and contributes to the success of our partners, clients, and candidates.


Community Involvement All Posts

Our company is deeply committed to community involvement, actively supporting local initiatives, charitable organisations, and fostering partnerships that drive positive social impact.

We have used e-Frontiers to fill a number of roles in the FieldAware Dublin office. We have found everyone from e-Frontiers to be fantastic to work with, diligent, hard-working and very customer focused.

Raymond Cunningham - FieldAware

“The calibre of staff that is presented by e-Frontiers is extremely high . This is due to the screening by experts prior to presenting candidates. They ensure they have a good understanding of the vacancy and consistently deliver.”

Caroline Phelan, L&P IT Change Lead, Aviva Life & Pensions Ireland
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