Thurles Sarsfields GAA CLub

We are now into our 11th year of sponsorship of Thurles Sarsfields GAA club. It is Tipperary’s oldest GAA club and we are proud to be associated with such a legendary club that has produced many wonderful sporting heroes and moments.

E-Frontiers have a personal connection to Sarsfields. Our Managing Director, Brendan Carroll proudly wore the blue of Thurles Sarsfields and has represented both club and county at all grades.

Our sponsorship is about showing support to a club that has supported its community so well throughout its long 138 year history. It is about giving back, supporting our communities and all within them, where everyone matters. It’s about being part of where we live and what we do.

There have been many famous members of Thurles Sarsfields GAA club down through the years, and names like Semple, Doyle, Stakelum, Corbett and Maher are synonymous with this great club.

E-Frontiers are delighted to sponsor all club teams in Hurling, Football, Ladies Football and Camogie across all age grades. It is a wonderful association that we are very proud of.

We look forward to the upcoming season with anticipation.

Open Door - E-Frontiers

Open Doors Initiative 

At E-Frontiers we have always recognised the importance of looking beyond business and considering the wider impact we can have on society and the environment. It is part of who we are and what we stand for – we want to have a positive influence and make a difference in a real way that benefits the wider community.

We have planned and implemented corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs for many years with the aim of involving E-Frontiers in meaningful activities within our society. Within the sporting arena, we are the main sponsors of Thurles Sarsfield GAA club. We also have a partnership with the Red Cross.

In 2018 we became the 15th member of the Open Doors Initiative, which now has over 100 members. Our director, Patrick Doyle is a director and Board Member of Open Doors.

So what is Open Doors Initiative and why did we join?

The Open Doors Initiative provides opportunities to marginalised members of our society, creating pathways to work through training, education, employment, and entrepreneurship.

Some of the people we work with include refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, people with disabilities and disadvantaged youth.

Becoming a member of the Open Doors Initiative was a very natural choice for E-Frontiers. Our staff come from a wide range of backgrounds just like the demographic that the ODI aims to help. Our commitment to the ODI is to help those in need on their journey to try and enter employment. As a career support company, we will do our best to make a positive change in their lives and thus in their communities.

But it is for sure a reciprocal relationship. ODI has helped us become better and be better. We lean on them to educate ourselves and upskill our team on awareness, inclusion and diversity. We strive to ingrain an ethos within E-Frontiers of giving all people a chance and we carry this ODI ethos with us, within our day-to-day work.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Open Door - E-Frontiers

E-Frontiers contribution

We have over 16 years of experience helping companies and candidates within the IT, Business and Financial sectors. At Open Doors Initiative, E-Frontiers is a key member in supporting the organisation in their work, listening and helping as required. There is a role to play in helping candidates with CVs, job applications and interviews as they embark on their employment journey. There is also a wider education and awareness role which is hugely important. We speak with our clients about inclusion and ensuring their business is open to a diverse range of candidates. On a practical level, we consider the clients open roles and encourage a different thought process whereby all types of candidates from all backgrounds will be considered. We are strong advocates for this initiative as we continue to spread the word through our clients, partners, and connections.

What help is available?

Participating companies offer a variety of employability interventions such as:

– Free interactive online training platform

– An internship programme specifically for people with autism to help them secure meaningful employment

– A Mentorship programme

– An employment programme for young people coming from the care system

– Pathways to Progress- Migrant Hub: this a variety of programmes aimed to support refugees and immigrants with pre-employment training, language, and integration.

– Development of access entry routes for school leavers and adults from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds and for people with disabilities.

– The establishment of a fund that provides grants to community groups, charities, and NGOs for new projects that support and inspire young people – helping to bridge the divide between education and the workplace

Open Door - E-Frontiers

We believe that a small-scale enterprise with big intentions can create a great change in society.

Please come and talk to us and we can share our stories from our involvement in the Open Doors Initiative. Click here to learn more and see Open Doors progress and achievements in 2022.