Digital footprint in job hunting

Don’t you believe that the information you leave behind on the internet could help you make a great move in your career. Some employers and recruiters prefer to target your digital footprint during the hiring process, especially in the offer decision. In the technology era, your online activities could be a part of the first impressions for your network.

Pros and Cons of your digital footprint

Your online portfolio is more attractive to recruiters and employers than your CV as it tells us more about yourself. Besides your working timeline and achievements, your virtual profile also reveals your practical experience, sided projects, visible research and wide knowledge. We can base on that information to connect you with big companies, offer you your dream job or support you to reach a higher level in your career.

However, your cyber footprint can be a double-edged knife for your career. Be aware that some of your posts may stay on the internet permanently and the others can approach them from a simple search on the browser. Therefore, you should think carefully before sharing something with your network.

How to improve your digital footprint

On point of view, you can take advantages of the benefits of the virtual world to build up your personal brand as an expert in your realm. Joining the forum to discuss or share your experience or knowledge will help you expend not only your networking but also your career opportunity. I am sure that it will be a big competitive advantage for you to stand out among the talent pool.

It’s an ideal idea If you want to change your profession, it’s an ideal idea to post your research your projects on the new realm to prove your ability. I have heard some stories of successful changing profession from my candidates. You can be the next one.

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February 2020

Cristina Rafael

How to improve your digital footprint