Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Embracing Diversity: Building a Stronger Future Together

At E-Frontiers, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) are at the core of our values and actions. It is embraced, championed, and ingrained in everything we do.

Here’s how we’re actively fostering a more inclusive workplace and community:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

What we do:

Engaged Hiring Process: We actively involve ourselves in the hiring process, ensuring that every candidate has a fair chance.

Client Partnerships: We collaborate closely with our clients to drive DE&I initiatives, widening the talent pool ensuring opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds.

Inclusive Practices: From designing inclusive processes to advising on language, we ensure that every step is welcoming and equitable.

ODI Guidance: We seek advice from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), implementing best practices and language to promote diversity.

Training and Support: Our staff undergo comprehensive training on inclusive hiring strategies, fostering a supportive environment where authenticity thrives.

Open Doors Initiative: Proud supporters of Open Doors. Together we work to create pathways to work through training, education, employment, and entrepreneurship. We offer supports to refugees, asylum seekers, people with disabilities, migrants, Traveller / Roma backgrounds, LGBTQI+, and people with a criminal past.

What’s important to us:

Gender Representation: We ensure female representation on interview panels and aim for a 50-50 gender split by 2025.

Mentorship Programs: By 2026, our goal is to have 70% of our workforce involved in mentoring, creating pathways to employment for all.

Non-biased Tools: We employ non-biased sourcing methodologies and tools, such as blind applications, to eliminate unconscious biases.

Inclusive Language: In all communications, we use inclusive language to promote a welcoming environment for all.

Community Engagement: We’re proud advocates of the Red Cross and engage with the community through sponsorships of diverse activities, such as supporting club GAA teams.

Embracing Diversity: We acknowledge and embrace diverse abilities, ensuring that everyone can thrive on their professional journey.

LGBTQI+: Fair & unbiased hiring process coupled with a supportive environment that encourages authenticity and self-expression.

Our Partners in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity Charter Ireland Signatory

Open Doors Initiative - Member and Board Director

Seetec Ireland Partner

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