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Welcome to E-Frontiers. We are an Irish recruitment specialist, dedicated to connecting employers with top-tier talent across diverse industries. Our comprehensive services can cater to the specific hiring needs of your business, offering three distinct sections: Permanent, Contract, and Executive placements. Whether you’re seeking long-term additions to your team, short-term project support, or executive-level expertise, we are here to help.

With a commitment to excellence, efficiency, and a highly personal service, let us help you drive your business’s success through your people. It’s time to lead with talent. With our extensive network and proven track record of success over many years, we are committed to delivering tailored recruitment solutions that will exceed your expectations.

In addition to our core services, we provide valuable market insights, guidance on writing effective jobs specs, assistance with interview panels, onboarding and much more. Partner with us today and unlock the potential of your workforce.

Areas of Expertise

Information Technology

We are specialist recruiters for IT jobs at all levels, both contract and permanent, guiding you seamlessly through every step of the hiring process.

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Marketing & Communication

Our team recruits for all levels of experienced and qualified professionals within the Marketing sector.

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Accounting & Finance

We specialise in recruiting a wide range of experienced professionals in the Accounting & Finance sector, catering for all levels of expertise.

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Consultation, Management & Transformation

Our offerings encompass Consultancy, Digital Transformation, Operations, and Finance, catering to a wide array of talent needs within the Consultation, Management, and Transformation sectors.

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Customer Success, Customer Support

Discover how partnering with E-Frontiers can strengthen your customer lifecycle management by securing top-tier talent, from multilingual specialists to leaders in customer success and support.

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Human Resources & Talent Recruitment

Explore how our agency can connect your organisation with top-tier HR professionals, from visionary leaders to specialised experts, driving your HR strategies to new heights.

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Sales & Account Management

Explore how our expert recruitment team can elevate your Sales or Account Management team with exceptional talent, from Sales Directors to Account Managers.

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Administration & Office Support

E-Frontiers can enhance your team by connecting you with skilled professionals in Administration and Office Support, from Executive Assistants to Data Entry specialists.

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Operations & Business Support

Learn how our dedicated team can help you secure exceptional talent for a variety of key roles in this area.

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Engineering & Manufacturing

At our agency, we specialise in the recruitment of highly skilled engineering and manufacturing professionals.

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Emerging Technologies

Discover how our Emerging Technologies expertise can help your company, connecting you with visionary leaders and skilled developers shaping the future of AI, ML, Blockchain, AR, and beyond.

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Tap into our expertise in construction recruitment to find exceptional professionals for key roles in NYC and beyond.

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The right leader will be transformational for your organisation. Whether you are experiencing rapid growth, significant change or need a day-to-day hero, let us help you.

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