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Technical Project Manager

  • Job Ref: 10332
  • Greater London
  • Project Management

Technical Project Manager
Hybrid: Marylebone London

Salary: £90000, medical, pension, 4%, death in service

Tech Stack: ServiceNow,  Backstage.io, Open Source, Java, Mainframe, Middleware, Aws

As the Technical Project Manager the ideal candidate will work on "Improving the Developer Experience". This project includes the building of an internal Developer Hub using Backstage.io. The hub will become the go to for developers for accessing tool, libraries etc. 
In addition they will have responsibility for designing and improving the Software Development Process and policies with the goal of improving the developer experience and improve retention rates. 

We are seeking a Technical Project Manager with a strong technical background and the ability to empathize with the daily challenges faced by developers. The successful candidate will coordinate the development efforts for the Developer Hub, ensuring an uplift in developer experience and effective use of tools.
There is a large dev team in place with a mixed tech stack. 

Key Responsibilities
  • Coordinate activities among internal and external development teams.
  • Review and improve  project lifecycle (SDLC) processes, ensuring adherence to best practices and regulatory requirements.
  • Understand and empathize with developer challenges and work to improve their experience over time.
  • Develop strong feedback loops to continuously enhance developer tools and processes.
  • Promote a positive developer culture, motivating adherence to account regulations and guidelines.
  • Lead the development of the Developer Hub, driving the project from concept to execution.
  • Ensure smooth integration of tools and services, utilizing platforms like Backstage.io.
Tech Stack: ServiceNow,  Backstage.io, Open Source, Java, Mainframe, Middleware, Aws