From Setback to Success: Empowering Yourself after a Layoff

If you find yourself facing a layoff or affected by a layoff, here are some steps you can follow to navigate this challenging period successfully.

1. Allow yourself time to process the news. Experiencing a layoff can be distressing, and it’s normal to feel upset or anxious about it.

2. Reflect on your tenure at the company. Make a list of what you enjoyed, what you didn’t, and the lessons you learned. These insights can serve as a starting point for identifying your next career path.

3. Evaluate your financial situation and, if needed, apply for unemployment benefits. This can provide some financial stability while you search for a new job and prevent you from hastily accepting an unsuitable role.

4. Update your CV and LinkedIn profile, emphasizing your skills and achievements from your previous job. Tailor your application materials to suit the types of positions you are now interested in pursuing.

Empowering Yourself after a Layoff
Empowering Yourself after a Layoff

5. Reach out to your network, including friends, family, former colleagues, and trusted recruiters. Inform them that you’re actively seeking new job opportunities and inquire if they have any leads or referrals. Attend industry-related events like job fairs, workshops, and Meetups.

6. Actively apply for jobs by utilizing online job boards, social media, and company websites, and engaging the assistance of a recruiter. A recruiter can help streamline your job search process and cut through the noise.

7. Consider upskilling if there are gaps in your skillset that are currently in demand in the job market. Take relevant courses or obtain certifications to enhance your qualifications.

Remember that a layoff does not define your worth or abilities. Patience and perseverance will eventually yield positive outcomes. Seize this opportunity to reassess your career goals and find a job that aligns with your aspirations.

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Teresa Quintana Niñerola | Lead Technical Recruiter