Equal opportunities in Ireland

Equal opportunities in Ireland supported by Open Doors Initiative

e-Frontiers has always recognised the importance of having a positive influence on social, economic and environmental factors. We have planned and implemented some corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs for many years which aim to involve e-Frontiers in meaningful activities for our society. Our CSR journey started by way of becoming the main sponsors of Thurles Sarsfield GAA club and Wicklow GAA Garden Academy, both of whom mean allot to e-Frontiers. As we continue to grow so does our desire to make an impact outside of sport as part of our CSR strategy. A natural partnership is now in place with the Red Cross of Ireland and the Open Doors Initiative.

e-Frontiers was the 15th member of the Open Doors Initiative which was launched in September 2018. The numbers grow fast. There are 23 company members and many more supporting partners.

Equal opportunities in Ireland supported by Open Doors Initiative

So why did we join the Open Doors Initiative?

It was a very simple decision really and becoming a member of the Open Doors Initiative was a very natural choice for e-Frontiers. As with most Irish companies, our staff come from a wide range of backgrounds just like the 3 demographics that the ODI aims to help. Our commitment to the ODI is to support long-term youth unemployed, refugees and asylum seekers and people with disabilities on their journey to try and enter into employment. As a career support company, we will do our best to make a change in their lives and community.

At the Open Doors Initiative, e-Frontiers is a key member and the first point of contact for candidates who apply through the website With over 14 years of experience as helping companies and candidates within the IT, Business and Medical realms, we commit to helping Open Door Initiative candidates by reviewing their CV, improving it, forwarding to appropriate employers, giving advice and supporting them along the application and interview process. We are also trying to be strong advocates for this initiative as we continue to spread the word through our clients, partners and connections. For instance, our partner ICON Accounting has recently become a member of the Open Doors Initiative and together we continue to support people.

Equal opportunities in Ireland supported by Open Doors Initiative

We believe that a small-scale enterprise with big intentions can create a great change in society.

Please come and talk to us and we can share our stories from our involvement in the Open Doors Initiative and trust us that this is something that is extremely rewarding for companies – no matter how big or small we can make a difference.