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Industry Insights

Finding a New Job: The E-Frontiers Advantage

Thinking about a new job?

The typical pathway to finding a new job involves anything from 5-12 steps. Yes, you read that right, up to 12 steps! And let’s face it, most of these steps are far from enjoyable for you as the candidate. At E-Frontiers, we can take the pain out of the recruitment process for you when looking for a new job. Our goal is to make the recruitment journey as seamless and stress-free as possible for you. We value your time and strive to provide a positive and transparent experience at every step. This really is the main reason you need to consider working with one of our recruiters for your next new job search.

Finding a new job with E-Frontiers

The difficult part

You are probably already familiar with the drill. A huge amount of time is spent trawling through job ads online, working your contacts and network. Seemingly never-ending rounds of CVs and applications, sent out with very little in return.

Trying to decipher cryptic job specs to determine who the job in question is looking for, you or perhaps indeed a superhuman. It’s time-consuming, stressful, and sometimes overwhelming, and it’s all too easy to give up too soon before you’ve gotten near to landing your dream job or getting your foot onto the next rung of the career ladder.

Make it easier for yourself!

The value we bring to the recruitment process? Simple. We can cut through the noise and do it in 4 steps for you!

Let’s simplify the recruitment process.  With continuous communication and support throughout from E-Frontiers, we can reduce this process to 4 steps. Meet, Chat & Plan; Evaluate Opportunities; Interview Stage; Onboarding!

As the recruiter, we know the client and what they are looking for.  Your recruiter will have the real low down on whether you are in with a decent shot at securing the position– answering the all-important question ‘Where am I in the running?’. You can then decide whether to invest more time and energy in this application or cut your losses and move on to the next opportunity.

Keep your options open

There are many opportunities out there and it can be easy to miss out on the best and most suitable of them as you concentrate all your time on one option. Your recruiter can avoid this pitfall by planning and thinking ahead for you.

We look at other suitable roles and opportunities as they arise and will apply and start the process on your behalf. This means you have the time to focus on one process at a time, without getting frazzled and stressed about the ‘what ifs’.

How E-Frontiers can help

You can conduct your job search the hard way as just described above, or the easy way.  So, what happens with the easy way?  Our recruiter will put the time in for you. While you concentrate on your day-to-day, your recruiter will do the leg work for you. The background research. The detailed job applications. The due diligence on whether the position and company are a good cultural fit for you.

We will give you direction and ideas on upskilling, based on what your peers in the same industry are investing in.  You will receive lots of CV advice, and we know that making the appropriate CV changes and improvements BEFORE the job application will hugely increase your chances of getting an audience with the client.

Use your recruiter to your advantage

Your recruiter is your ally. Meet up for a coffee and chat and take advantage of their resources and their knowledge of the position and client. We want you to succeed and will do everything we can to make it happen.  Quite often, client interview processes can be longwinded, going the route of stop, start and stop again, and are generally fraught with difficulties and stress. Your recruiter will be on hand to support you through this on a daily and weekly basis, giving meaningful feedback and providing you with a genuine insight into what is going on with the client. This way you don’t feel alone in the process or feel like there’s no hope and give up.

Help is always at hand

If you are shortlisted for the interview stage and need help, you have the option of using the services of an interview coach. We will help with coaching you on the questions and answers to consider, and give you inside tips on what the client is looking for so you can then tailor your responses accordingly. We’ll give you proper feedback after each stage and further advice and insights for the next stage.


And once you secure the role, our support doesn’t end there. We are on hand to help you with your negotiations on benefits, salary, and your total package and onboarding experience. The lines of communication always remain open, and we are a phone call away if you need our expertise at any stage, now, or indeed into the future when the time is right to consider your next move.

Contact any member of our team today to discuss options for your next career move.

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Colette MacNamara

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