Should we accept InMails from recruiters?

According to the data 2021 of the Federal Reserve, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms for job seekers to connect directly with recruiters and hiring managers in their industry. Recruiters often reach out to potential candidates who haven’t applied for their jobs yet by sending InMails. It’s always a good idea to accept InMails from recruiters, even if you are not interested in the job or connecting with them.

Don’t worry about your privacy

It’s understandable why job seekers decline InMails from recruiters. They are afraid that they may be spammed in the future. However, LinkedIn has policy measures that protect the user’s privacy and prevent harassment. If you decline an InMail, the recruiter won’t be able to keep contacting you repeatedly in the future.

Stay connected for future opportunities

By accepting the InMails from recruiters, you can politely decline the job offer but still stay connected with them for potential opportunities in the future. If your circumstances change or the recruiter has a different job that matches you, you will still be able to message them even if you are not a first connection.

InMails from recruiters
InMails from recruiters

Think long-term

With the current economic climate being uncertain, it’s worth being kind to recruiters and thinking long-term. Even if you are not in a job right now, you never know what opportunities may arise in the future. By replying to the InMails from recruiters and staying connected, you will have a better chance of staying informed about potential job openings and industry trends.

A polite decline can go a long way in building relationships and opening doors for future opportunities.

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Teresa Quintana Niñerola | Lead Technical Recruiter