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Intensati – The power to believe in yourself

I discovered a few months back an amazing tendency called Intensati, I would love to share all the advantages that can bring to our life.

We are suffering a challenging time together when facing the pandemic and following it the economic crisis. I believe that it’s time for us to improve ourselves with the most important pillars for a happy and healthy life namely nutrition, affection, fitness, and mental health.

During this period, our normal routine has been changed which could lead to other negative effects. However, we should move on to find strength for ourselves as well as support people around us such as our family, colleagues, and friends.

The creator, Patricia Moreno, is based in NYC, though she was missing something from her regular physical workouts. Everything was perfect in the body, but what about in the soul?

Therefore, this perfect combination of low to medium-intensity cardio workouts was created and called intensati. It combines positive affirmations with interval training. It is a practice of harnessing your attention, setting clear intentions, and taking inspired action so that you can live a happier and healthier life.

The successful points of this workout bring benefits not only for your life but also for your career. You can apply it at work like in the examples as follows:

  • Create a positive bond with your co-workers
  • Kick off an important project with team building
  • Celebrate a birthday or any kind of party
  • Enjoy a happier hour with friends
  • Inspire and empower your sales team
  • One-on-one attention

Some powerful messages that you’ll have to “shout” during your class are as follows:

“I am worthy of my own love!”

“Everything I need is within me”

“I am powerful beyond measure”

“I am stronger than I think”

“I am blessed with all I need”

“I am enough”

“I have enough”

“I feel grounded today”

“I am born to thrive”

And many more…

Personally, I follow regularly some online classes of Intensati Certified Instructors who are also my friends and keep practising regularly. These classes have created an amazing bond and energy for me to enjoy my life and work productively every day.

I can’t wait to see everyone release the power of this method that has done wonders for me, maybe not in body but in self-esteem, empowerment and through positive thoughts.

Clara Barriga

March 2020

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