IT Careers in Ireland relocating from Romania as IT Solutions Architect

We asked one of our candidates about their experience of re-locating to Dublin to work on contracted roles

Ionut is an Oracle consultant with over 12 years’ experience. He started coding in Pascal, C++ and Fox and progressed to become an expert in Oracle database design in the Financial sector. Ionut works in the Financial sector where his work now involves development and performance tuning.

“I love what I do and I strongly believe that a true consultant must be connected both with the evolution of technology and the market in which the business operates in order to be able to provide the best possible solution”.

What made this role appealing for you?

The role was a great opportunity to extend my experience outside Romania.

Did you feel that e-Frontiers were able to find a job for your that was fitted well with your technical skill-set?

e-Frontiers is one of the few agencies that contacted me for a role that was a perfect match with my technical skill-set and as a result we signed the contract for the very first role suggested.

Tell us about the experience you encountered with e-Frontiers along the process of your career move

Long story short: e-Frontiers contacted me for a role in Dublin which was a perfect match for my profile, not a common thing these days. We signed the contract in less than one week and in less than one month I was landing in Dublin for the very first time. Although it’s never easy to relocate, e-Frontiers gave me all the support I needed to make the transition as smooth as possible. But what I appreciate the most is that e-Frontiers are stand up guys, their word is enough to seal the deal and papers are just a formality. They always deliver what they promise and I would highly recommend e-Frontiers to anyone who is looking for a business partner that can be trusted.

Interview carried out between Roxana Sandu (Technical Recruiter, e-Frontiers, Bucharest) with Ionut Scripcaru