Scrum Master

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  • Dublin
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Scrum Master
Permanent (remote if based in Ireland or Romania)
Salary 65-70k per annum.

This role is available remotely to individuals based in Ireland and Romania. You must be a resident of and eligible to work in either these countries to apply for the role. 





Using cutting-edge cloud technology to build a variety of value-adding eCommerce products for our clients is key to our current & future business strategy. 


  1. Knows Scrum, it’s ceremonies and their impact intimately.
  2. Really good cultural fit and ability to influence well in an international technical team.


Our Development teams work in an Agile manner following the SCRUM framework. Using this methodology we create a wide variety of data-centric ecommerce tools including Buy Now technology, and Digital Shelf analytics, all hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform for our clients. 


We delight in the quality of our team and the high bar which we set for ourselves. The successful candidate will be a passionate SCRUM master, keen to bring their experience to maturing and growing team in a fast paced software engineering environment. 





  • Be an authority on agile methodologies and the SCRUM Framework within the organisation 
  • Ensure the values empirical theories and values of Scrum are upheld throughout the team and organisation 
  • Act as a Servant Leader to the development teams and coach them in self-management cross-functionality 
  • Work closely with our Product Owner to improve our existing processes around backlog management and delivery 
  • Work with the other Scrum Masters to improve the existing process incl. putting cross-team processes in place to assist in delivery of increments 
  • Work with the business stakeholders and senior leadership team to improve the understanding of Scrum Theory and practices throughout the organisation 
  • Oversee and facilitate the execution of the various events for the various development teams as prescribed in the Scrum Framework 
  • Adapt and modify the process accordingly to make Scrum work as well as possible for ChannelSight’s specific development team practices



Key Requirements 


  • 5+ years commercial experience working in an Agile Software/Product Company 
  • 2+ years’ experience working as a Scrum Master in a Software/Product Company where Scrum has been correctly implemented 
  • A SCRUM Master accreditation such as the PSM ( or CSM (  



Desirable Skills & Experience 


  • A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related STEM field of study 
  • Experience as a Software Engineer or other Product Development role ideally in a SaaS organisation 
  • Experience in a leadership role with reporting line or non-reporting line influence  
  • Experience in other project management methodologies