Senior Technical Support Manager

  • Job Ref: 9004
  • Cork
  • IT

Job Summary

As a Senior Technical Support Manager, you will focus on driving excellent customer experience by delivering diagnosing, troubleshooting, and repairing complex solutions, software systems/applications or cloud services. You will be responsible for a team of technical support managers.
•   Manages engineers that respond to situations where standard procedures have failed to isolate or fix problems in non-functioning equipment systems or software.
•   Establishes and maintains lines of communication and escalation with Technical Support L2 teams on design, reliability, and maintenance issues.
•   Ensures that engineers are current with the latest upgrades and/or new releases. May be involved in customer installation and training programs.
•   Selects, develops, and evaluates personnel to ensure the efficient operation of the function.
* This opportunity is based in Cork, Ireland. The position reports to a Director *

Job Requirements

•   This position is responsible for managing many tasks for multiple large groups, a department or departments, or a function within a country or global geographic area.
•   The focus of this role is on creating and influencing strategy and policy.
•   The potential impact of decisions made by this individual has significant operational or financial impact.
•   Capable to identify customer self-services and enablement opportunities.
•   This individual will apply in-depth knowledge to solve broad issues in scope and establish medium to long- range plans.
•   This individual must work effectively with Staff to Vice President and Customer Executive Levels
•   Customer service experience working with customers in high stress or ambiguous situations on complex problems.
•   An understanding of the product development cycle, technical requirements, and project management.
•   Experience with, or overall understanding of:
-   Compute, Storage, Hardware
-   Networking (SAN/NAS) such as NFS, remote file sharing protocol, CIFS Windows remote file sharing, TCP/IP networking, RAID etc
-   Understanding of Cloud Services
-   Virtualization and Container Technology
•   A strong understanding of concepts related to computer architecture through implementation.
•   Experience with developing budgets and predicting project costs.
•   A demonstrated ability to manage professional level employees.
- Please note that office presence, would be a requirement for this role


•   BS/BA degree or equivalent related education/training/certifications and experience
•   10+ years of applicable industry experience including a minimum of 5 years of people management experience with direct oversight of direct reports.
•   Additional language skill ( German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew) is an advantage.