Technical Delivery Manager

  • Job Ref: 9341
  • Dublin
  • IT

Technical Delivery Manager
Can be fully remote anywhere in Ireland, UK or Europe
Salary: neg

(1) leading and managing a team of solution developers to design and deliver technology solutions for our customers in a highly agile and collaborative style that focuses on the outcomes and value they promise to create for their customers, 
(2) leading and managing a team that is responsible for the day-do-day operations and regular improvement and of the technology solutions and for the support help desk for those solutions, in a highly customer-centric manner. 
(3) looking after the welfare of the team, which - in addition to standard staff welfare concerns - includes supporting them in their career ambitions and ensuring every team member has an effective mentor.
Previous industry sector experience -  would be service-oriented, retail customer (as opposed to business) industries, like banking, retail side of utilities, eCommerce.
People coming from actual technology development companies would also fit, if the IT company focused on the service industries.