Backend IoT Engineer (Python & c++)

  • Job Ref: 10113
  • Bayern
  • IT - Python

Our client is an emerging startup ready to transform mobility and explore new ways of doing things.

We are seeking candidates for positions in IoT/System and IoT/Backend development.

You will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining software for IoT devices and the backend systems required to process events from IoT devices. This includes creating and implementing software for connected devices as well as designing and implementing communication protocols for these devices to connect to the backend.



  • Design and develop Python-intensive software to enhance the reliability and performance of our IoT devices.
  • Collaborate closely with hardware engineers to seamlessly integrate software and hardware components.
  • Identify, debug, and troubleshoot software issues promptly.
  • Create and maintain comprehensive documentation for software and systems.
  • Continuously assess and enhance software performance through iterative improvements.
  • Monitor and maintain IoT systems to ensure optimal availability and scalability.
  • Proactively identify and propose effective solutions to emerging challenges.
  • Demonstrate autonomy and accountability by taking ownership of assigned tasks.
  • Adhere to established software engineering standards (coding guidelines) and actively contribute to their enhancement.

  • Your Background: Graduate with a strong foundation in software engineering, preferably in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, or Physics.
  • Your Passion: Excited about developing Python-heavy software to optimize IoT device performance and reliability and tackling challenges in IoT engineering.
  • Your Experience Includes: Extensive experience in an IoT company, focusing on engineering and software development, proficient in Python or C/C++ with exposure to embedded programming.
  • Your Work Ethic: Strong work ethic, proactive problem-solving approach, and ability to work independently
  • Your Performance: Consistent delivery of high-quality work meeting uptime requirements and exceeding user expectations.
  • Your Proactive Problem-Solving & Analytical Thinking: Proficient in proactive problem-solving and analytical thinking, crucial for addressing challenges in IoT engineering and software development.
  • Your Language Skills: Strong written and spoken English skills

  • Flexibility: Tailor your work schedule to your needs.
  • Equipment: Choose your own equipment for optimal efficiency and comfort.
  • Measurable goals: Directly measure your impact on our product and company success.
  • Catering: Enjoy fresh coffee, snacks, and breakfast options.
  • Dress code: Dress comfortably.
  • Events: Participate in team events and celebrations.
  • Development: Access language courses and in-house training programs.
  • Health: Access fitness programs to stay active.
  • Security: Benefit from our profitable business model ensuring workplace security.
  • Profit sharing: Participate in the company's success through our Virtual Stock Option Plan (VSOP).