Life as a Recruitment Consultant

Recruiters day
The world of recruitment is crowded with jobseekers, job-providers, and the all-important middle-person (yes, that’s us!) whose job it is to fill an open vacancy with the person that is the best fit. This job can certainly seem like somewhat of a mystery to those who are not in the industry. What exactly do we do? how many CVs do we really read? who pays?

In this blog post, Lisa Cappelli, Senior Recruiter (software engineers) and Conor Hackett, Recruiter (accounting & finance)  give an insight into a day in the life of a recruiter and some (mis)perceptions of what people think recruiters do vs what recruiters really do.

Firstly, the science. Recruiters are responsible for handling all aspects of the recruitment process and need to be well-versed in applicable laws and regulations. The job really does require excellent communication skills and negotiating abilities. We devise campaigns and strategies to reach and engage with talent, screen candidates for suitability, and do background checks. We work with our clients to define and refine job descriptions. We play an active role in advising at the interview stage, and the job negotiations phase and we assist with making a final offer. That seems like a lot of work, right?

Recruiters day
So, what is a typical day like?

‍Bottom line? busy! Recruiters are fast readers, on an average day, we could screen between 50-100 CVs. Much of our days are spent on the phone to applicants and potential candidates, usually making between 15- 20 calls per day. So, our advice is if you are working on your CV right now, make it clear and concise and tailored to the job you are applying for.

Popular misperception 1 – recruiters are seen as salespeople, someone to avoid for fear of a relentless sales pitch, with unsolicited emails and calls going on for months.

Reality – recruiters are only interested in making the perfect match between client and candidate. We have no interest in trying to twist the arms of candidates to apply for a position. It’s in our best interests to put forward the best candidates for consideration to the client and the candidates that are most likely to succeed. And critically, it must be someone who wants the job.

Popular misperception 2 – The candidate will somehow be liable for payment- that must be how recruiters make their money.

Reality – Candidates do not pay a penny for the services of a recruiter. The fee is paid entirely by the client. So, a candidate will get expert advice and interview prep, an in-depth knowledge of the market they work in, and hopefully land their dream job- all for free!

At E-Frontiers, we have great flexibility with a hybrid working arrangement. We work in teams with an Account Manager for a more collaborative approach. Our main aim is to build a strong rapport and relationship with our candidates and to get to a stage where we are their career ally, in their corner, and always on the lookout for new opportunities for them. Communication and listening skills are key!

In truth, there is no typical workday for a recruiter because every day is a new challenge depending on the open roles. Finding the perfect person in the talent pool for a client can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack. There can be days of full-on researching for candidates through databases, connections, and social media, screening those who are suitable for the role, and then engaging with the candidates on interview prep.

Recruiters day

Our morning may be filled with screening CVs for new roles and reaching out to potential candidates to schedule interviews. Then, we might be responding to emails, setting up phone screenings, and reviewing job descriptions to make sure that we understand exactly what our clients are looking for.

In the afternoon, we might find ourselves in screening interviews, evaluating candidates for their technical skills and cultural fit. We will also check in with hiring managers to give updates on our progress with candidates and to discuss potential next steps. The priority is to ensure the candidate is a good fit for the company culture as well as the job requirements.

Before the workday comes to an end, we will update our candidate database and send follow-up emails to candidates we’ve recently spoken with. Then we make a plan for the next day and head for home.

Occasionally, we may spend some time networking with potential clients or attending industry events. We also have regular in-house training and upskilling sessions.

The recruitment process can tend to get some bad press. But good recruiters truly care about the candidate, and the client and achieving the right fit between the two. As a company, some of our core values include winning together, responsiveness, and respect, and we really do bring these values into play through our work daily.

The job is demanding and fast-paced, but exciting and full of opportunities to meet interesting people and help connect them with their dream jobs. Overall, for us, being recruiters is a challenging and rewarding job.

If you would like to discuss the next step in your career, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Recruiters day