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Permanent Employment to IT Contractor – A ‘How To’ Guide

In today’s fluid job market where professionals seek flexibility and autonomy, the transition from permanent employment to contracting is more popular than ever. This move can allow individuals to take charge of their careers, choose projects that align with their strengths, and earn higher pay. Any such transition will demand careful planning and thought to ensure success. This blog seeks to guide you through the process, highlighting essential steps and how to succeed becoming an IT contractor.

Why Choose Contracting?

Contracting offers unparalleled control over project selection, work locations, schedules, and income. As a contractor, you can become your own boss, define your career path, and shape your professional aspirations. This is hugely appealing given the busy full lives most of us lead.

Picking the path to become an IT Contractor

Choosing the path of IT contractor employment

Structuring Your Contracting Business

Becoming an IT contractor is akin to setting up your own business. You’ll need to determine your specialisation or niche, identify the market demand for your skills, and choose the most suitable legal structure for your business, such as a Personal Limited Company or an Umbrella Company.

Building a strong online presence, showcasing your experience, projects, and skills, and networking with potential clients are all essential steps in establishing your IT contracting career.  Develop a marketing strategy to promote your contracting services. Remember, you’re selling your expertise to potential clients and recruiters. Don’t shy away from regularly posting about your achievements and new skills or certifications.


Benefits of IT Contracting in Ireland

The thriving tech industry in Ireland presents numerous advantages to becoming an IT contractor.

Lucrative Opportunities

Competitive rates and high earnings potential are very attractive within this competitive sector.


Choose your own projects, clients, and schedules that align with your career aspirations. The beauty of it is you now have control over your own work/life balance.

Continuous Learning and Growth

The variety of clients and projects will provide exposure to new and innovative technologies that will enhance your skill set and specialisation.

Making a Smooth Transition

Plan Strategically

Evaluate your strengths and unique selling points, align them with market demands, and plan your contracting journey. As a contractor you are selling your experience. Potential employers are looking for you to be able to ‘hit the ground running’ there is usually no opportunity for a steep learning curve – contracting is not for people looking to get into a new career – you are selling your existing skills.

Manage Finances

Embrace financial responsibility by understanding your income and managing business expenses independently. At E-Frontiers, we have a dedicated contractor onboarding specialist who will guide you through this process.

Continuous Learning

Prioritise upskilling and stay updated with industry changes to enhance both your profile and marketability. At e-Frontiers we are happy to talk to and advise candidates in these areas.

Organisational Skills

Flexibility, initiative and learning on the job are key for an IT contractor.

Mastering Interviews

As an IT contractor you will need to approach contract job interviews by demonstrating how you can add value to projects and showcasing your adaptability. And be honest about why you want to make the move to contracting.

For an IT contractor a good relationship with your specialist recruiter is essential. They will be able to give leadership and advice and a steer on what contracts may be the best opportunity for you.

Essential Skills for IT Contractors

Technical Proficiency

To thrive as an IT contractor, you need a strong foundation in your area of specialisation. In-demand tech skills within the current market include Technical Project Managers, Change and Strategic Managers, Business Analysts, QA’s, Software Development, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, and Networking.



For an IT contractor adaptability is essential. You will need to be able to thrive in diverse project environments and quickly adapt to new technologies and systems.


Effective communication and client understanding are essential for collaborating with a variety of clients for successful project delivery.

Financial Acumen

Learn to manage your finances, negotiate rates, and handle taxes, all vital skills for an independent contractor. If this is not your area of expertise – don’t worry. Here at E-Frontiers, we can recommend accountancy companies that will guide you through managing your finances and invoicing. We will also be there to help walk you through the process of setting up as a contractor and negotiating rates.

Importance of an Up-to-Date CV

Showcasing Expertise

Show your ability in the latest technologies and your commitment to upskilling and learning. Edit your CV to specifically target the job description at hand and highlight the specific relevant skills that are critical to the role – but always be truthful about your skills and experience on your CV – never over embellish. Keywords are critical here. Recruiters are always available to do a quick scan-through for specific keywords.


First Impressions Matter

Your CV is the best tool you have in creating a lasting first impression: Design a well-structured CV to stand out, highlighting relevant skills and experiences tailored to each role. Apply the same attention to detail with your LinkedIn profile. This is often neglected but is usually the first port of call for a recruiter.


In conclusion…

Transitioning to IT contracting in Ireland offers a promising career path for tech enthusiasts seeking freedom and exciting challenges. To succeed, focus on honing your technical skills, adaptability, and communication, and carefully consider the business structure that aligns with your career and life goals. By building a strong professional profile, and staying updated with industry trends, you can successfully make the switch to IT contracting and thrive in this dynamic field.

This comprehensive guide provides aspiring IT contractors with the knowledge and insights needed to embark on a successful contracting journey. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting off, the opportunities in IT contracting are waiting for you to explore.

To discuss our current opportunities in contracting, contact us today to chat with our Contracts Specialist Trish Lynch or check out our jobs section.https://e-frontiers.ie/jobs-seekers/

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