How to prepare yourself before changing a job?

Are you considering changing your job? Where should you start? What do you need to stand up in the busy talent market? Here are some tips from our recruitment consultants which will help you prepare well before switching your workplace.

Start with a plan

If you are worried about where to start, draw a plan for yourself. Break it down into small steps. It is easy to know which stage you are in and what you should do at each stage. Here are our suggestions for a job-changing plan.

  • Research
  • Preparation
  • Applications
  • Interview preparations
Prepare for changing a job

Research about the market

What do you want in your next job? Do you want to look for a similar job to your current one or a higher level? Do you want to work in a different realm?

After having the answers, you should search for jobs on career platforms or social media to learn how the job market has changed. Then, compare your skills and experience with the requirements. Are you good enough to change a job? Which skills are necessary for you to make a great move in your career?


Find out your core values

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your successes and failures?
  • Which experience and knowledge have you gained from your previous and current jobs?
  • How are you different as compared with yourself in the last 6 months/last year/last 2-3 years?
  • How have your colleagues and supervisors evaluated you?
  • How have you contributed to the organisation(s)?

This is a crucial step to understanding your core values and finding out your “unique selling point”. It helps you prepare yourself better before changing a job.

Prepare for changing a job

Talk to a recruiter

Contacting recruiters will save you time when changing a job.

You should be honest about yourself, your situation, experience, expectations, and even reasons to change a job. This is key information for them to help you navigate the job market and to look for jobs that match your skills. A recruiter can be your ally to give your practical advice for your CV, interviews, skill tests, and insights about the employers to help you go through the recruitment process.


Search for a recruiter for your areas or send your CV to us, our recruiters will be in contact as soon we find a job that uniquely fits you.


Develop and execute your plan

Changing a job sometimes takes time. You should be patient to find your dream job. After mapping out the directions, you should activate your plan. During your job search, you will learn what to update and modify your plan.


Hope you will find your dream job soon.