Recruitment market across Banking and Finance in Ireland

Besides being known as one of the major tech hubs in Europe, Ireland continues to be an attractive destination for many global financial institutions. The Banking and Finance recruitment market in Ireland has become increasingly active with an increased pipeline of International Banks and Asset managers continuing to look to Ireland as a preferred location.

We spent 5 minutes with Conor Byrne, Director of Banking and Finance Recruitment at e-Frontiers to understand the overall picture of this market.

The Recruitment market within Financial Services is extremely competitive in Ireland currently. What are the drivers?

We are seeing growing confidence in the Irish economy and many business transformation and relocation opportunities connected to Brexit. Given the huge growth in the fintech sector in recent times, this has presented more competition for top talent between Banks, Asset managers and the rising number of Management companies (ManCo’s) looking to establish here.

What Trends are you currently seeing across the market?

Continued demand for Risk, Compliance and regulatory professionals across all areas in the sector which has been mainly driven by central bank requirements for companies to have greater depth within their governance framework and an ever-changing regulatory landscape. We continue to see new entrants to the Irish Market with a strong pipeline in capital markets and asset management sectors.

High skilled banking and finance expatriates continue to return home as we are now seeing a greater variety of Front, Middle and back office roles in the Irish Market.

We are seeing a greater than ever focus on work-life balance for candidates when contemplating a move.

What steps are your clients taking to attract key candidates?

Clients are continually looking at ways to stand out through promoting good work-life balance, career progression opportunities and offering return to work programmes.

We also see Clients seeking to improve the candidate experience within the recruitment process. In the current market Speed is key – same number of steps with a shorter recruitment time.

What attracted you to e-Frontiers?

What differentiates e-Frontiers from other recruitment firms is that each division is led by someone with genuine domain experience in the areas they are recruiting for. Coming from the Industry side of things and having been a hiring manager, we are looking to add real value to both Clients and Candidates throughout the entire recruitment process. Thankfully in a short time, this has been well received by the recruitment market within Banking and Finance.

May 2019