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Industry Insights

5 Crucial Soft Skills for IT Professionals

To get hired fast, besides checking your rich experience and knowledge of the industry in your CV, employers also expect their software engineers to have some basic soft skills to integrate into their new team and work environment. Let’s discuss the 5 crucial soft skills for IT professionals.


1. Communication

This is the most basic soft skill that is required not only for software engineers but also in many other roles. Communication skill includes listening, understanding and sharing your opinions and perspectives. It often requires both verbal and written communication. This soft skill will contribute to effective teamwork.

2. Problem-solving

No matter how carefully we plan a project, there are always unexpected situations. Therefore, employers prefer software engineers who have the problem-solving skills to propose solutions for complex issues instead of avoiding them. They need to understand the project’s goals, processes, and technologies so that they can brainstorm solutions.

3. Adaptability

Technologies are constantly updated and developed, so adaptability becomes one of the vital soft skills of IT engineers. They need to adapt quickly and stay up to date with not only technology but also society. It will help them plan their projects, complete their tasks and solve problems faster.

4. Time management

Most of the tasks of software engineers require to commit to the schedule of a team or a whole project. Therefore, organising their daily tasks and priority jobs is crucial. Managing their time properly allows them to optimise their time for daily tasks, group work, or urgent tasks. This soft skill helps to reduce their stress and limit extended work while still being productive.

5. Teamwork

Most important projects are done by a group of developers. Therefore, teamwork is always the soft skill that determines whether you are hired or not. Teamwork includes listening skills, focusing on common goals, personal responsibility, and supporting other members. Exchanging experience and knowledge with other software engineers not only helps to achieve common success but also supports oneself to promote their strengths and self-development.

The soft skills above are only five of many other crucial skills that are expected in a developer. If you are looking for an IT job in Ireland, UK, USA or Spain, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Send us your CV, our recruiters will contact you if they find a job that suits you the best and support you through the interview process.

If you are lacking in one of those soft skills, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and upgrade yourself.

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Alejandro Pino

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