The benefits of constructive candidate feedback can’t be underestimated

In the current market, sometimes feedback can be overlooked. Lack of candidate feedback is detrimental to the entire recruitment process for all parties. See below a couple of reasons why feedback is so important for all parties involved in the process:

1) Candidate

When you provide detailed and informed feedback to a candidate, you help them learn what they are doing well, while also identifying areas in which they can improve. Honest, constructive, feedback gives solid advice on areas that candidates can work on. Therefore, improving their interview skills for next time. For the company, if they wish to hire the candidate in the future the candidate will be very keen to talk again if they received positive constructive feedback the first time around.

2) Employer

Giving feedback to a candidate is very constructive not only for a candidate to take away but also very important for the Employer Brand. Candidates who receive feedback are more likely to walk away with a positive reflection of the company even though they may not have been successful. Candidates communicate their experiences via word of mouth or via various social media platforms available and a negative view of a company can cause reputational damage in the Market. This can take a long time to repair!

Given how competitive the market is currently a brand reputation is something that a company cannot take for granted. In one sense by providing candidate feedback a client can turn a negative situation to a positive one.

3) Recruiter

Providing thorough, detailed candidate feedback as a hiring manager is critically important when working with a recruiter. Through candidate feedback, the Recruiter can understand where their candidate may have fallen short and work with the candidate to improve on certain areas whether it be through their interview technique or upskilling in certain areas.

Something that is often overlooked, is the recruiter getting feedback from the company on what it was that influenced them towards the successful candidate. It also goes without saying that the more the recruiter knows, the better their future candidates will be.

July 2019