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When is the right time for changing jobs?

Knowing when it’s the right time to change jobs is important. You want to make sure that you are not jumping into a new job too soon or too late. By knowing when the right time is, you can make the most of changing jobs and get the most out of your next role.

When you have one of the signs below, it may be time to consider a transition.

1. Lack of motivation to work

Does thinking of going to work tomorrow scare you? Do you always feel like your working day is too long? Do you just stare at the clock and expect time to fly faster?

It’s hard to find someone who always loves their job. Everyone has some good days and bad days. However, when your job no longer brings you joy and your negative feelings are becoming more common, it’s time for you to think about changing jobs.

changing jobs

2. Feel burned out

When you have noticed some negative changes in your health, you may need to review and measure your stress level. Does the stress from work impact not only your physical exhaustion but also your emotions and quality of sleep? When your health is suffering, you should think of looking for a job change.

3. No career progression in a long time

Everyone should have their own career goal. If you stay still for too long, no matter how comfortable you feel at work or how much you like your company, you run the risk of losing out on opportunities. Everyone needs an objective assessment of their situation occasionally. Maybe, the job is no longer suitable for you, or you have outgrown your current position. Please keep this in mind: new challenges and higher requirements are opportunities for your self-development.

4. Toxic working environment

Are the comments from your boss and your colleagues constructive to your work? Or do they seem to be more criticisms and personal attacks? Suggestions can help you improve your productivity at work, but negative outside factors will have a significant impact on your performance at work. In the long run, it will affect your career development and mental health. Maybe, changing jobs with a better working environment is a better choice for you.

5. Upskill yourself and ready for more challenge

When you set up a clear plan for your career, you should also do in-depth research about the industries and companies you want to work for. Before changing jobs, it’s time to increase your competencies, upskill, and retrain thus enabling you to be better qualified and focused to meet the bigger and more rewarding challenges ahead. This is a smart preparation before a recession in the economy or a downturn in your industry.




Our recruitment experts reveal that Spring is always a good time to start your job search when many of our clients are hiring and there are high volumes of vacancies for both permanent and contract jobs in IT, Business, Sales, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, and Construction. We have more than 300 open roles across Ireland, UK, US and Spain. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss in more depth the right timing for you to consider a change.

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Alejandro Pino

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