Benefits of coming to work in Ireland in IT

Along with the most famous tech hubs in the world such as San Francisco, Tel Aviv, and Beijing, Ireland is also well known as a technically advanced region dubbed the Silicon Valley of Europe. Thanks to the preferential taxation system, the developed infrastructure, and Brexit’s impacts, Ireland has attracted many European headquarters and talent worldwide. Here are some reasons why you should consider coming to work in Ireland in IT.

1. Working in the IT hub of the EU

There are many leading tech companies placing their headquarters in Ireland like Google, Facebook, Twitter, IBM, Microsoft and etc. To attract talent from all over the world, they offer competitive salaries and compensation for their employees. Furthermore, Ireland boasts some of the most exciting and dynamic tech start-ups within the European Union. Dublin is a great place to develop your career and gain exposure to great opportunities.

2. No work permit for the EU

Ireland is a member of the European Union allowing easy access to other member states. Citizens of EEA, Switzerland, and the UK can live and work in Ireland freely without a work permit. If you are not in that category, don’t worry. Ireland always welcomes skilled workers, especially employees working in the IT and financial realms. However, you must apply for a visa and an employment permit to live and work in Ireland.

3. Working in the fast-growing economy in the EU

Ireland has a thriving economy and is the fastest growing in the European Union for the past few consecutive years. Although 2020 was very challenging for the global economy and the domestic economy struggle, the nation’s GDP of Ireland grew by 3.4%.

According to the EY Economic Eye, the economy is predicted to grow by 5% in 2021 and 4.6% in 2022. Moreover, the labour market is expected to recover its peak by late 2023. Ireland is still an ideal country to offer attractive salaries and benefits.

Work in Ireland in IT

4. Ireland, the only English-speaking country in the EU

The official language of Ireland is Gaelic. But you don’t have to worry because most of the population still use English more often in daily life, study, and work in Ireland. This is the only country in the EU that uses English as its first language.

5. Multinational culture

Over time, Dublin became an international city attracting senior talent from around the world to work in IT and financial areas. The working environment of companies is far more diverse. The foreign communities live in harmony with local people to develop and contribute to Ireland’s economy.

In addition, Dublin is certainly an LGBT-friendly city. Everyone is welcome to come and work in Ireland. Every June, the annual Dublin Pride Parade takes over the city centre to celebrate diversity too.

6. The world-leading business culture

The Irish Financial Services Centre was established in 1987 which aimed to attract investment sources and build up a centre of internationally traded financial services such as banking, funds, and insurance.

The governments offer business-friendly policies to attract international firms and talent. This helped to develop Dublin’s Docklands to become a new home for many technology and financial companies. Today, the Docklands is home to over 500 companies operating in this area, including more than half the world’s top 50 banks and top 20 insurance companies as well as headquarters to many big technology firms.

7. Friendly people

“There are no strangers here, only friends.”, WB Yeats.

Indeed, you will feel comfortable and charmed by the friendliness of the Irish people. Most people are more than happy to help you overcome any obstacles and support you while you adapt to your new life in Ireland. Interestingly, Galway and Dublin are Europe’s friendliest cities in the Condé Nast Traveller Reader Travel Awards 2020.


What you’ll need to work in IT in Ireland?

A good level of IT expertise.

Good knowledge of working English.

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Work in Ireland in IT