Working From Home – A Win-Win Situation?

Working From Home

At e-Frontiers, without really realising it, we have been allowing remote working (working from home) for a number of our staff for a long time.

Some have been almost 100% remote working since day 1!

However, in recent weeks out of necessity, we have gone to a fully remote operating model. I guess ideally this is not the way a company would want to introduce a new, radical change to the way we work but these days decisions are being made for us and you have to sink or swim.

There seems to be a certain pressure for everyone to proclaim that working from home is the best thing ever; that everyone is more productive and that it will be the new normal even after the current crisis has passed.

I feel both employers and employees should hold fire on making any big decisions on the best way forward in the long term. This situation has been forced on everyone and we have had to adapt. Being adaptable is a winner for sure, but that doesn’t mean that working from home is the best long-term solution for everyone. We need to treat it a bit like a crazy experiment.

When the dust has settled, and people have had a chance to pause and reflect, rational decisions around working from home should be made. Maybe it’s a no-brainer for some employers and employees, while others feel that it doesn’t suit them. Take the time and try to make the right decision, not the easy decision for everyone’s sake.

So far, the change has gone pretty well at e-Frontiers. I am proud of how the team have responded and adapted in this difficult, stressful time. Thank you guys for keeping positive and keep pushing on. Being recruiters, we are used to dealing with a lot of uncertainty, and negativity on a daily basis so it feels like things have just been ratchetted up a notch or 2.

I will leave you with a Post our colleague Roxana Sandu published a few months back. Roxana knows a thing or 2 about setbacks and having to adapt. She has worked remotely for e-Frontiers in Bucharest for a number of years so her thoughts and wisdom come from experience:

Working from home between myth and reality